Women to Watch: Stacey Ross-Trevor

Stacey Ross-Trevor has always had a fascination with finding unique ways to experience and display her most cherished photographs. As a computer programmer in her early career, she got her initial start with photo editing and restoration simply by removing all the red “EXIT” signs from her wedding photographs.

Stacey continued to experiment with photo restoration techniques leading up to her transition from a computer programmer to a Mom, and when her daughters were born, she became passionate about creatively displaying their pictures.

Wanting to avoid a collection of untouched, dusty photo albums, she began brainstorming methods to display her favorite photos of her children in uniquely beautiful ways. Stacey began to experiment with backlit photographs and discovered a new way for people to connect with not only their photographs, but memories of their favorite experiences, travels, and special occasions.

Backlit photographs can be enjoyed as part of your home décor, day or night, and their modular design fits seamlessly into any room. After years of experimentation with LED technology, Stacey collaborated with a fantastic sourcing and engineering firm to create a modern, sleek, and artistic way to display photographs, and Lite-A-Foto was born! Stacey's team has created a product that gives the customer the power to tell a story through an illuminated statement piece.

"I am incredibly excited to bring this product to life and to share my love of the printed photograph with you all."


To learn more about Lite-A-Foto™ check out her website and social media channels below. 



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