Women's Applique Tuxedo


Each garment is made to order, in hopes of lessening the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet.

Since each women’s tuxedo piece is individually crafted with the highest quality materials, including upcycled and repurposed fabrics, Tux Couture hopes to eliminate excess waste which leads to environmental damage.

The styling of the collection is not trend driven. Our classically styled garments span many seasons, transcending fast fashion fads that tend to come and go before the next season approaches.

Each piece is custom made by hand, not mass produced. Attention to detail can be seen with every stitch. Classic yet never boring.

Superior quality paired with timeless, versatile pieces that are easy care and easy wear equals more time in your closet, and the wardrobes of future generations of women.

Our garments are also shipped in recycled packaging direct from our workshops to further minimize our impact on the planet.