Joy's Customer Story

HERStory: Joy

“I wanted a badass tux for my birthday. It really added a beautiful statement piece that I can use for special occasions.”

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Sade's Customer Story

HERStory: Sade

“Great apparel begins with a great concept, amazing fit & fabric, and a strong attention to detail.”

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Sonia's Customer Story

HERStory: Sonia

“I'm excited to travel with my new tux! I can’t wait to stretch my closet with the creativity Tux Couture will allow.”

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Maggie's Customer Story

HERStory: Maggie

"Who wants to be just another girl in a cocktail dress? I like to stand out in a crowd but for all the right reasons. There is just something about...

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Kim's Customer Story

HERStory: Kim

Why a tux? I want to feel like myself when I get dressed up to go to an event but I've never been much of a dress person. A tux is the perfect blen...

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Sarah's Customer Story

HERStory: Sarah

Pairing a tux jacket with my everyday clothing makes me feel pulled together but still edgy. In an industry where I am younger than my counterparts...

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Lena's Customer Story

HERStory: Lena

Now it looks like the LBD is getting a run for the money by the LBT (Little Black Tux). I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the dress but I’...

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Carolyn's Customer Story

HERStory: Carolyn

"I find my tuxedo to be a sophisticated alternative for special events.It works for a wide variety of occasions and it's sexy!"

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Jen's Customer Story

HERStory: Jen

Be fearlessly authentic.  I am equally fierce as I am feminine and want to show up making that statement. Tux Couture dresses this balance beautifu...

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Josie's Customer Story

HERStory: Josie

“Wearing a tux is liberating!  I feel clever, powerful and sexy.  A beautifully made tux is a piece of art. These are pieces that are must have sta...

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Our mission is to channel the confidence of women, making a worldwide power-shift, one tux at a time. We redefine what it means to wear the pants.