Woman to Watch® Update: Ally Shoes

About a year and a half ago we introduced you to a concept that all women can appreciate…Pain. free. heels. Samantha Dong is back with another genius idea that further disrupts the shoe industry and saves our feet while doing so. 

Samantha Dong teamed up with the best creative minds and podiatric experts to design comfortable, stylish heels for women after she suffered from a foot injury and couldn’t find heels that didn’t hurt. Soon after launching, Fast Company named Ally Shoes the “most comfortable heels to wear to work”. 

Last month, Ally shoes launched another brilliant product...comfortable flats with arch support. Flats are a great alternative shoe choice to heels, but their typical design can leave your feet unsupported and achy by the end of your work day. Ally's flats provide amazing arch support can take you from your work day to your dinner plans comfortably.

"When choosing your perfect pair of flats it’s important to ensure that the flats hug and secure your feet. This will help your feet from slipping around the shoes and creating the gapping at your arch that can happen overtime without the perfect pair of flats. It is also important that you choose flats that have an insole that supports your arch and a small heel height that will help you conquer your day with no foot pain."
Keep em coming Ally Shoes! We love solution oriented companies built by women for women! 

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