Tuxedo for Women

Tux Couture was created specifically, completely, and fabulously for you.

With Yansi Fugel at the helm, there is a natural expertise and intuition that follows. Decades in the fashion industry sharpened her teeth for design, production, and tuning into what women really want out of their wardrobes.  Her life's work has been to dress women in confidence, letting a woman’s authenticity shine through truly spectacular fashion. Her career is the brilliance of design that only comes from a legacy in the fashion business: Tux Couture. 

A new way to approach the retail paradigm, Tux Couture offers a luxuriously sustainable option to the overstuffed closet of cocktail dresses and mismatched separates—Tux Couture was built to outfit your wardrobe with timeless pieces that tuck in seamlessly next to trends, and always leave room for you to play. The made to order business model ensures that there is no waste, impeccable service, and pieces that are truly yours from start to finish. 

Marlene Dietrich, Great Garbo, Bianca Jagger... "the Woman in the Tux."  ​She’s intrinsically strong and confident, effortlessly impactful. ​She defines timelessness and sets the standard for style in any room she strides into, as ​the room’s focus effortlessly turns to her. ​ The strength she carries is subtle, but not too soft and distinctively female. 

The truth is that she is you! Tux Couture was meant ​to make you shine through in every setting, whether you’re in all three fabulous pieces at a formal event or pairing your tux jacket with your favorite jeans​ for a coffee run​. When you’re dressed in Tux Couture, the spark of power, bravery, and intuition that is naturally yours can shine ​through brighter than ever. Tux Couture was made to showcase the brilliance you carry, with bespoke touches and a fit to knock ‘em dead.

Are you ready to step into your power? Let’s suit up.  

Designer Yansi Fugel


Yansi embraced fashion at an early age, learning to sew from her mother and inheriting her sense of style. The joy of thinking and visualizing something and the emotional importance of craft, the art of the process to bring it to life is her passion. From her education at FIT, to her many years owning her own retail store and namesake label, Yansi understands how to fit the female body and truly knows what women want.

Dressing women in confidence is her mission.

Yansi lives in New Jersey with her husband of 30 years and just recently said bon voyage to her daughter who moved to Paris to follow her own fashion industry dreams.

Sidney Ng Tintex CEO


Sidney owns Tintex Fashion Ltd, Tux Couture's dedicated production facility. She has had a personal & creative relationship with Yansi for over 30 years, first meeting in NYC in 1987. 

Each fabulous garment is made with care in Sidney’s high-quality, women owned and operated facility in China. Known for its skilled tailors and specialized process, this production facility has been creating detail-rich garments in Hong Kong & China for many of fashion’s top designer brands since 1986.