Woman to Watch® Olivia Smith

When Olivia Smith was in high school, she was considered an "average student" and it wasn't until college where she really began to excel. She was forced to teach herself how to study, organize, and plan because she didn't utilize or know the resources that were available to her. Once in graduate school, she was immersed in child development research, interview/career assistance, scholarship and grant insight, and much more.

Upon graduating with a doctorate from the University of Texas at Dallas and after working closely with an esteemed academic services company, Olivia decided it was time to take her passion for educating children and create her own platform. That is when Smith Learning Services was born. 

"I believe every student can benefit from educational assistance. I created this company to help students with an array of needs including assignment tracking, tutoring, study skills, standardized testing, career exploration, life coaching, etc."

Smith Learning Services' mission is to improve educational achievement and performance from the comfort of your own home. Every person that wants help can get help at SLS with their wide array of online educational services. Their success is based on the elite team of trained individuals familiar with all educational avenues, working together towards achieving each client's personal academic goal.

SLS is offering a FREE consultation to create your own custom educational package. Check out their social media channels below for more information


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