Woman to Watch® Brandee Alexander

This week's woman to watch brings a deeply rooted commitment to helping women and girls heal from the traumas life may bring.

Brandee Alexander is the founder of Let Glow, Let God – an online, faith-based community for women. Community members can connect via social media, webinars, and virtual presentations to learn and glean from others who may have experienced or are currently navigating traumatic situations. Within the private Facebook group, community members can find exclusive content on a daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basis, encouraging them to push through even the roughest of days.

Brandee knows that people do not necessarily care how much you know until they know how much you care, and she strives to embody this daily. Spending most of her career working to help youth and families, Brandee has learned to channel her passions into servant leadership. Knowing that it takes sweat equity and passion to change the trajectory of the state of families today, Brandee’s main goal is to see others healed and leading better lives.

Brandee is also an Associate Executive Director at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and works in the North Kansas City Community to help families who battle food insecurity. She has recently been appointed to the North Kansas City Diversity and Inclusion Committee supporting North Kansas City’s Mayor and City Council Team and is excited to continue to do the work to improve her community.

We love Brandee's message of fearlessness, resilience and sisterhood. To learn more about Brandee and the community she has built, visit her social media channels below


Join Brandee and I and other fearless females for a virtual collaboration to discuss “living your best self”. This is a free panel that takes place July 24th at 3pm. Sign up here to receive more information and the Zoom link. 





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