Woman to Watch® Casey Onder

This week we are highlighting a woman who supports others who don’t want to settle for less than their most joyful and liberated path. 

Casey Onder, the Founder of Clairvoyage, a NYC-based private coaching practice. Casey empowers high achieving women to find their place, their purpose and a practical path forward.

"My story is about creating success on your terms - even when it seems a little crazy to you and everyone else."

Casey has a PhD in organizational psychology and once upon a time, she assessed leaders' competence and did statistics for a living, as a management consultant. The work was very analytical and it drained her. She didn’t resonate with the company culture, and felt like she wasn’t making a difference.

In 2017 she gave notice and took a 7 month international travel sabbatical hoping to revive old passions and get in touch with herself. Yoga in India, and cooking and language study in southern France. After years of toiling on a path that didn’t feel right for her, she allowed herself complete freedom.

It was a wellness and passion project that turned into a business. Back in the States she launched a private coaching practice called Clairvoyage (French for “Clear Journey”) and moved from the Midwest to Manhattan. Since then she has been supporting inspiring founders and entrepreneurs from many industries.


"I know what it's like to be doing well on paper while feeling unfulfilled and seriously questioning your life."

Casey's signature retreats support accomplished career women who want to give themselves time and space to reconnect with themselves and identify soul-aligned next moves. It’s deep connection and high level support, from self-care and mindset to practical nuts and bolts of planning to empower your transition.

Her next retreat in September 2021 takes place in France – in beautiful, rustic, and totally delicious wine country (Burgundy). Click here to learn more or reserve your spot. 

To learn more about Casey and her business Clairvoyage, check out her social media channels below




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