Woman to Watch® Angelica Stevenson

Angelica Stevenson's purpose on this earth is to help people remember their connection to what she refers to as "The Creative Universal Power" and their connection to all creation from above to below, in life and death, and from the past to the future. 


Ever since Angelica's introduction to poetry in the sixth grade, she has been on this path of helping others through her human connection, encouragement, self-empowering and self-improving speeches, services, and writings.

Angelica then became a "street counselor" and it was from that experience that she discovered her gift of making connections, uniting people, and relating to her audience on a profound level.  

Her full range of life experiences have all contributed to her success. From growing up as a preacher's daughter, becoming a poet, a writer, a stay-at-home mother to seven children and a wife to an artistic and creative husband.

Angelica's signature program, Higher Connections & Communications, is an 8 Level program designed for the soul, mind, heart, and body of an individual.

In this program, Angelica teaches people of all ages how to be internally connected so they too, can walk in their "Soul's Purpose" by reprogramming themselves from the inside out first. 

Mini-lessons of the Higher Connections & Communications program is played on Hype100Radio.net, the underground railroad of multimedia entertainment, through her Universal Living Course. 2021 Summer Programming is daily at 7am-9am EST, 12pm-2pm EST, 5pm-7pm EST, and 9pm-11pm EST. 

You will find more information about Angelica's program, stories, poetry, The Angelic Expressive Connections Podcast, her YouTube Channel and her multiple books HERE


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