Women to Watch: Nalini



"'Partnering and empowering trumps delivering and prescribing.' That's one of our core principles, and perhaps most unique -- that's why our clients choose us to steer them to stretch toward their ambitions."

Nalini Saxena is a strategist and executive advisor. She helps entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations break through obstacles and reveal their latent talents, express their strengths, and achieve inspiring successes. Her client list ranges from top tier global financial institutions to Shark Tank contestants. As a robust generalist, Nalini provides guidance and implementation on business strategy, financial strategy, leadership direction, management development, and communication. 

Through Elicit™ Consulting, Nalini and her team of experts employ an evidence-based approach to delivering results. Nalini’s academic and professional backgrounds, along with her intellectual curiosity and commitment to ethics, drive this approach.  Elicit is known for empowering clients through a code of strength-building, listening, partnership, and thoughtful design of custom solutions.  

Nalini believes in corporate citizenship and, as such, chose to steer her business' response to the coronavirus crisis through "service first," with a suspension of fees to serve fellow local businesses experiencing turmoil navigate their way to survival. In the present social crisis we're experiencing, Nalini has created a new initiative, a virtual discussion space, in support of social justice. 

Get involved in their dialogue series on social justice, Connecting the Dots, which aims to inspire constructive action against systemic oppression and racial injustice. Reach out to her team to apply for a complimentary consultation to explore your business strategy, financial strategy, or talent/leadership development: info@elicit.consulting.

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