Women to Watch: Mira


Dear Boss Ladies,

I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend! While summer is coming to an end, our mission to empower all women continues. This week, I’m excited to introduce you to an incredibly talented photographer, Mira Zaki. 

Mira Zaki is a Seattle born, Manhattan based, globally traveling photographer. With over 20 years in the business of photography, Mira Zaki's photography career spans commercial, advertising, editorial, stock photography, TV, media, magazines, newspapers, book publishing and print.

Mira's personal and professional commitment to her career led her to study Commercial Advertising Still Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. Mira brings expertise, creativity, and thoughtfulness to all of her photoshoots. 

Born into an Egyptian-American family, it became her life mission to capture and celebrate diversity while elevating our shared human experience. Through photography, she found her medium of how to tell stories - stories of culture, people, places, politics, power, of world culture - which lit her imagination. She's spent the last 3+ decades capturing life, culture, food, hospitality, and some of the most fascinating humans and places on the planet, and still feels like she's just getting started. 

Mira has been featured in both group photography exhibits and solo shows from 2011-present between Seattle, Atlanta, and New York. Mira's clients and publications include the top names in the industry: The New York Times, The New York Times T-Magazine, Travel+ Leisure, The Travel Channel, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Vh-1 Save The Music Foundation, CNN.com, CNNI.com, CNNMoney.com, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Taylor PR, Tesla, Food Network, The James Beard Foundation, Well + Good, Veria Living, Olive Magazine Korea, Dessert Professional, Bust Magazine, Eating Well & Siggi’s and more. 

Mira's experience and keen ability to capture the essence of the moment will provide you with photographs that stand out, and will last a lifetime. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the world has shaped and informed her powerful visual storytelling, and her mission to elevate and empower women is more relevant now than ever. Mira stands out from her industry by not heavily retouching or altering her photographs- she believes in radical self love and unfiltered honesty. 

I think this is something that we can all get behind, don’t you?

Cheers to women who have enough confidence in themselves to whole-heartedly support other women! Let’s keep it going.

Our mission is to channel the confidence of women, making a worldwide power-shift, one tux at a time. We redefine what it means to wear the pants.