Women to Watch: Maysoun


Whenever Maysoun gets stuck, she remembers Einstein’s words: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

“Corona left a lot of people stuck! But for others, myself included, it was a wakeup call and hopefully my blessing in disguise,” she exclaims. 

Maysoun worked in educational administration for most of her adult life, but the world changed and demanded change from all us. She says that, “Coronavirus gave me permission to gracefully walk away from my position as the director of an ESL school (that I was stuck in for five years) and to be my own boss. I wanted to do something that was creative, therapeutic, joyful, progressive and beneficial. I wanted to leave an impact and help others. Hence, Lavande Gifts (my ‘Corona Baby’) was born.”

Lavande Gifts is an artisan gift box site that uses natural, hand-crafted items made by small businesses and artisans. The products are safe, clean, eco-conscious, made in small batches and organic when possible. Items are carefully sourced from various vendors (mostly female), curated into different boxes and then packaged with love. The reusable boxes are made of natural wood and get a sprinkle of lavender oil on the inside and a small bunch of dried lavender sprigs on the outside! Lavande Gifts was created to show others that even when we can’t be with them, we can still send love! 

Maysoun dreams to “create custom boxes and corporate gifts. I am humbled by the challenges and the learning curve this journey is bringing me and I look forward to growing and learning more. Yes, we can still be sassy and classy and a tiny bit of a softie!”

Maysoun is married with two grown children and lives mostly in California. 

For more information, visit LavandeGifts.com and @lavande_gifts on Instagram. Maysoun can be reached via email: maysoun@lavandegifts.com

 Cheers to all the “sassy, classy softies” out there! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Maysoun!



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