Women to Watch: Lucine


Lucine Almas started her company in 2015 in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris. She wanted to create a unique collection which would protect, heal and empower the wearer. She has deepened her commitment to this mission during the current pandemic. Lucine believes that wearing gemstones can help boost one’s immune system and promote a general sense of well-being.

“For time immemorial, it has been widely believed that the use of gemstones and crystals play a critical role in creating positive energy fields. Now more than ever, I feel that it is essential to draw on this ancient wisdom as we begin to imagine what a post COVID-19 world should look like … Let us make the most of this long period of isolation and deprivation, and come out stronger, wiser and more balanced.” 

A native New Yorker, Lucine studied Philosophy in America and Europe, but claims she learned how to live when she moved to India in 1987. With her unique and exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry, she combines her two great passions: Philosophy and Design. In this new, post Covid-19 world, Lucine looks forward to continuing to create meaningful pieces which beautify the wearer, while promoting healing, clarity of mind, emotional well-being, and physical resilience.

You can view and purchase her beautiful pieces on her site, www.lucinealmas.com.

Thank you for joining me on another fabulous Wednesday celebrating “Women to Watch”! May you always continue to follow your passions and never forget the power you have within you.



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