Women to Watch: Cathy



Cathy Zahn is a force who believes that talent is everywhere; opportunity is not. She read the book Half the Sky by N. Kristof and felt compelled to help. The book, which bears witness to atrocities and injustices, particularly through gender inequality and oppression throughout the world, made her feel that she needed to do something.

Cathy was particularly motivated to help fight human trafficking of young girls in Cambodia, which is one of the greatest human rights violations Cambodia faces today. She joined with World Assistance For Cambodia and decided that education could be a way to take kids from oppression to opportunity.

Convinced that education can be the most effective way to fight poverty, modern day slavery and fertility, she decided to build a school in Cambodia.

Needing money for this endeavor, she started the company Gracie Greene, LLC. Gracie Greene creates burlap and leather totes, purses, backpacks, luggage and most recently, face masks, all made in NJ. The funds raised from these sales were first used to build the Zahn School, in 2014, located 30 miles North of Phnom Penh Cambodia. Currently, the funds are used to meet the needs of the school, which has 500 students enrolled, each year.

Learn More About the Giving Three Foundation and their mission to help educate children around the world, taking them from oppression to opportunity. 

Thank you for joining me for another Women to Watch Wednesday! As women, we are nurturers and problem solvers. May we always continue to use our power for good and to uplift each other.



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