Women to Watch: Joya


Dear Fearless Females,

It’s Wednesday (it’s hard to keep track these days, isn’t it?) which means it’s time for us at Tux Couture to celebrate another wonderful “Woman to Watch”. This week, it’s a JOY for me to introduce you to Joya Dass ...

Joya Dass was one of the first South Asian females to be seen on mainstream television in the United States. She's been a business anchor for major networks for the last 15 years, delivering live reports from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NY1 News. She interviewed CEOs of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies daily. 

Today, she has taken that dynamic from behind the TV camera and brought it to a live audience. She helms a women’s leadership development platform called LadyDrinks, initially supporting South Asian women, now all women executives and creating teachable moments via live interviews with business leaders. 

How Did LadyDrinks start?

Joya says, “When I announced to my Indian immigrant parents that I wanted to become a television anchor, they didn’t have the emotional or financial bandwidth to support this dream. At the age of 18, I left home. I paid for college. I paid for graduate school. I paid for every move around the country to come to New York City to become a business news anchor for the last 20 years.

I realized that I had installed other strong men and women who believed in me and believed in my dream in the absence of family. I was a master at building the right support systems for my own success. What if I started to create this for other South Asian women? But I got you there faster. I leverage my journalism to book speakers, CEOs and experts to create teachable moments. This anchors each event. The room is curated.  The women are already familiar with your cultural challenges and your career. Now let’s get to the deeper conversations about success quicker.”

LadyDrinks is based in New York City and is currently 1,800 members strong! In the last few years, the initiative has expanded to include executive women of all races and backgrounds around the world, with annual events in Paris, London, Toronto, Brussels and the United Kingdom. 

Joya is a frequent speaker on topics such as assertiveness, branding and best networking practices.

Joya would like to add, “As a natural extension of my 20 years as a TV anchor, and the advent of video to build brands, I'm launching a public speaking masterclass for a cohort of 7 emerging women leaders on September 16th. Since it's my first time teaching a group, it’s 50% less than it typically would be.”

Link here: https://ladydrinks.com/a-six-week-masterclass-become-a-better-public-speaker/

Thank you all for joining us for another “Women to Watch Wednesday.” It’s our sincere pleasure to celebrate these women and to continue to spread their inspiring missions and messages. 



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