Women to Watch: Cait Donovan


Cait Donovan played by the rules that said, "If you follow your heart and work in your passion, you'll never work a day in your life!". After leaving the pre-med track at Boston University to move cross country and pursue a Master's in Chinese Medicine, Cait was sure she was on the right track.

The year before graduating, on a trip through South America, Cait met and got engaged to, Marcin, a Polish man. She finished school at 24, and again, following her heart, moved to Warsaw with a fresh acupuncture degree in hand and a mission to change the world. Over the next few years Cait opened a successful private practice, had a 3 month waiting list, and was regularly invited on talk shows and for magazine interviews.

From the outside, everything was going great. On the inside, Cait was severely burnt out and that burn out went largely ignored and pushed to the side for nearly 7 years. Cait's healing process involved acupuncture, Chinese herbs, functional medicine, a coach, and a therapist. During this process, she dove into all the research available on burnout and started to share what she was learning.
Now, 4 years later, Cait Donovan is one of New York City’s leading burnout experts and acupuncturists, host of “Fried – The Burnout Podcast,” and author of the book "The Bouncebackability Factor: End Burnout, Gain Resilience, and Change the World". Her master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine enables Cait to combine Eastern wisdom with her natural practicality. After performing more than 25,000 acupuncture treatments, Cait added 1:1 coaching, corporate workshops, and keynotes for companies such as PTC, Lululemon, Vedder Price, and Workplaceless – all with a focus on ending burnout culture.

Cait has been featured on podcasts and online magazines such as “Forbes”, “Elephant Journal,” “Thrive Global,” “Addicted 2 Success”, as well as quoted in Oprah Magazine.

Cait and her husband spent 12 years living in Europe, but now make their home in New Jersey. When Cait is not speaking or coaching on burnout, you can find her and her husband hiking, walking with Flora (their white fluffy dog), golfing, or cross-country skiing.

You can find more about Cait here:
Cait Donovan's website

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