Women to Watch: Audrey


Audrey Zona started her business, Zo Healthy, 5 years ago. A local functional medicine doctor asked Audrey to help him coach his patients, and within a year, she was back to school for a degree with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Over the years, her business has evolved to not only helping women, men and teens lose weight, but helping them shift their day to day eating habits and thoughts around food. She coaches mindless eating, binge eating, sugar addiction, negative self talk, as well as the basic “I just don’t want to diet anymore” mentality. In addition to one on one coaching practice, Audrey offers online group weight loss / wellness programs 4 times a year and larger wellness events. She is based in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. 

Audrey was inspired at an early age to start her wellness practice. “I was a very overweight child, spending 3 summer’s attending a diet camp for teens. Into my young adult years, I developed a passion for health, wellness, nutrition and weight loss. Although I had lost the weight, I still struggled with sugar and food addiction and a negative body image into my 20’s and 30’s. I’m thankful for the struggles in my earlier years, as I wouldn’t be the person or coach that I am today without it!”

Cheers to good health and women who empower others to be their best selves! 

Visit Audrey on Instagram: @zo_healthy 

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