Women to Watch: Hannah


Hannah Fastov started Go Dash Dot when she realized there weren’t any multi-functional yet chic bags for the “woman on the go.” 

“I saw that if I wanted to work out, go to work, and see friends or family, my day had to start at 6am, end at 10pm, and required a lot of stuff,” she says. “But I hated having my shoes thrown in my bag next to my lunch, my dirty gym clothes on display, and my water bottle constantly opening in my bag.” 

After months of searching for the perfect carryall bag, Hannah realized that there was nothing out there that could meet her needs that was also stylish and professional looking. 

Her solution? Go Dash Dot.

Go Dash Dot is a lifestyle brand synonymous with style, function and luxury. Its versatile collection of sophisticated and highly functional bags -- including totes, backpacks, crossbody bags,  and its signature “puffle" -- is the answer for the modern-day, on-the-go woman. 

**A message from Go Dash Dot: Today, the Go Dash Dot Fam – and all Americans –  face a great and difficult challenge. To successfully meet it, we must continue to support one another each and every day. Inspire Pricing is our small contribution to that commitment. This is our first step. It won't be our last. Enjoy 30% Off for 30 days at godashdot.com.**

Once again, thank you for joining us in our mission to support other women, especially during these unprecedented times. 



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