Women to Watch: MerriLyn


Happy Women to Watch Wednesday, Fearless Females!

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to MerriLyn Gibbs this week; a woman who strives to create balance for herself - and others.

“In the quest to create more happiness for others and more balance in my life, I started with an idea, then the plan, and then the execution of my company, Assistants 4 Hire. I want to help others create more time for the things they love - whether that be a trip with the family to the beach, a date night with a loved one, or just time for a glass of wine and a good book!” - MerriLyn Gibbs

MerriLyn Gibbs, Owner of Assistants 4 Hire, has been successfully implementing customer service, reliability and organization skills for three years. MerriLyn and her team help business owners and solopreneurs create systems, processes and outside administration on an outsourcing basis.

Her passion is creating more efficiency, freedom, and time within each business she and her team collaborate, and in turn, providing the opportunity for their clients to spend time on the things they love and thrive in doing! Gibbs says, “As the Owner of Assistants 4 Hire, I have seen my dream of a better life balance for myself, and for others, come to fruition. I have truly fallen in love with entrepreneurship! My main drive for starting my business was to create a life where I could put my daughter first and build my career around my passion for motherhood. I love that this is the reality I now live every day, and I love providing the same opportunity for each one of my clients and team members!”

Merrilyn was formerly a PGA Golf Professional for 16 years and a University Women’s Golf Coach for 13 years. As a coach, she had 11 Regional Appearances, 8 National Appearances and 6 Conference Championships during her tenure. Her best ranking was 6th in the nation as an NCAA Division II Program.

Presently, MerriLyn’s greatest passions are spending time with her four-year-old daughter, Belen, spending time on the beach, golfing, salsa dancing, traveling, spending time with those she loves and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

“My team and I are here to make life easier for the people who use our services, so that we can all spend our energy on what we do best and what makes us the happiest,” MerriLyn boasts.

To learn more about MerriLyn and Assistants 4 Hire, visit: www.assistants4hire.net or on her social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin:

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