Woman to Watch® Illana Raia

Five years ago, Illana Raia was inspired to launch ETREgirls, and built a website packed with mentorship resources and role model quotes. The website was followed by Club Etre, where older girls could mentor younger girls, and chapters spread around the country...

The website is jam packed with pages to pique every interest,
Be Smart, Be Informed, Be Brave, Be Happy, Be Strong, Be Charitable,
Be Connected, Be Wi$e, Be Innovative, and Be Well Read.
A treasure of informative resources and inspiration that filled the pages of her first book, Girls, who do you want to be?

ETREgirls grew with Club Etre, Lunch & Learns and TED-ED talks with an innovative approach to create mentoring that mattered, listening to the voices of those being mentored.

What a novel idea!


Illana's second book is a mentor guide, what else?

It launches officially this month on March 15th and is available on Amazon to buy for every girl you know!

We love women supporting women, and ETREgirls' mentoring platform takes it to a whole other level!

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