Woman to Watch ® Gwen Beloti

Brooklyn native Gwen Beloti fell in love with jewelry at an early age. Her style was always heavily influenced by accessorizing as she found it difficult to find stylish apparel that fit well as her weight often fluctuated.  As a result of her struggles with clothing, she fell madly in love with jewelry.  She used accessories to make statements with her look. 

Gwen taught herself the art of design in both apparel and jewelry before being formally trained and in 2019 she launched her first complete Gwen Beloti jewelry collection.

"It was my mission to offer our clients styles that were accessible and luxe.  Today we carry an assortment of golden jewels perfect for everyday wear.   Our styles are offered in a range of sizes and lengths.  Taking into account my personal issues with fit, it’s important for us to be size inclusive and to celebrate all golden beauties."

Join Gwen on November 16th for her launch party 
6:30pm  - 8pm at the Wolf and Badger Boutique in Soho, NYC, Everyone leaves with something a little golden, and one lucky person will win an assortment of styles from our new collection.  Enjoy drinks and light refreshments.

Our mission is to channel the confidence of women, making a worldwide power-shift, one tux at a time. We redefine what it means to wear the pants.