Women to Watch Wednesday: Heather Fleming

Heather Fleming is a self-described recovering Type A nutritionist who was seeking out the perfect diet, only to realize the body is brilliant and we just have to learn how to listen to our own, unique bodies. 

She feels that there have been so many extreme diets and eating approaches that have separated us from our inner truth and now is the time to take our power back from searching outside of ourselves for answers and look within for nourishment. 

Heather works with her clients to achieve total acceptance with the critic and rebel aspects of our psyche.

"When it comes to food, our rebel DESIRES to be fulfilled while the critic JUDGES every desire. When we conduct a conversation with these two voices and find a calm, common ground, we are free."

Her education with a B.S. in Nutritional Science and as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist has provided a solid foundation to help her teach others how to nourish themselves with food. Her mission is to infuse love, compassion and guide others how to be their own guru.

“When we learn how to observe, trust and listen to our intuition, we can feel more empowered by food instead of judging ourselves and placing blame and projection on innocent food.”–Heather’s Fleming

She created the Conscious Nutrition Philosophy, Master Class of You process and community which integrates real life experiences and suggestions to support others to live a life saturated in vitality and nourishment.

To learn more about Heather and her philosophy on our relationship with food check out her social media channels below:

 website: www.ConsciousNutrition.com

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