Women to Watch: Nancy Rhodes

This week we are highlighting a woman who founded a company that solves a problem near and dear to our hearts; sustainability. Nancy Rhodes believes that by extending the life of our existing garments, we can increase sustainability and lessen our impact on the planet.

The philosophy of her company Alternew, is that clothes are mass produced, bodies are not. Alternew provides a personalized, convenient, and accessible clothing alterations and repairs experience created to fit your lifestyle with endless opportunities to customize your wardrobe all while being a conscious contributor in sustaining for our future.

"Alternew believes the fashion industry has to change, and we’re working to do that. If we can improve the way that alterations are done to make them more convenient and body-affirming, then more people will want to alter their clothes."

Nancy believes that if we can extend the life of the garments we own, improve their fit, and make simple updates to keep those clothes on-trend (even as trends change), then we can reduce 80 pounds of clothing the average American throws away each year!

"With a few simple adjustments, mass-produced clothing can have a bespoke fit– and you deserve an experience of luxury that doesn’t come at the cost to the planet or drain your bank account."

Cheers to Nancy for helping the fashion industry lessen its impact on our planet. We love a paired down closet and with women like Nancy, we can focus on our favorite pieces and cut down on the fast fashion that just becomes clutter and eventually, landfill!

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