Women to Watch Update: Leyt

About a year ago, we introduced you to Cathy Lee, founder of LEYT (pronounced light) which is a resort inspired lifestyle collection rooted in sustainability and responsibly sourced artisanal handloom fabrics. Cathy created LEYT with two goals in mind: to ease a woman’s day and to reduce the industry’s environmental impact. All LEYT pieces are assembled locally in NYC’s garment district. 

Cathy has just launched her new website featuring her newest collection of LEYT dresses and jumpsuits made with natural, handwoven fabrics. 

"LEYT started when I became a mom. My life was changed for good, both physically and mentally. I wanted my clothes to be beautiful and comfortable, and to be produced ethically and responsibly. Made with only natural fabrics, the dresses are airy and lightweight, perfect for off-duty days, and resort travel, letting you go from the beach to a candlelight dinner in comfort and style. The styles are here just in time for the summer season as the world is opening back up and we are ready to get out there again. I want the women who wear LEYT to feel light and at ease at the same time."

 To view Cathy's entire collection and for more information about LEYT, visit her website and instagram below: 

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