Woman to Watch® Melody Woolford

Melody Woolford poured her heart into international development, non-profit and social enterprise jobs that she cared passionately about. She often over-gave at her own expense. She thought working long hours and pushing herself beyond her limits was the "right" thing to do. 

All of the pressure she put on herself in these non-profit roles also put a strain on her family as she juggled raising two boys in Manhattan, now ages 12 and 15.

As a result, Melody often felt stressed out and overwhelmed ultimately resigned from her jobs in near burnout mode.

"Eventually, I hired a coach and figured out how to design a work-life synergy that was meaningful and fulfilling for me. With greater clarity in my life I developed healthier habits and routines, set new boundaries, learned how to communicate more effectively with colleagues and loved ones, and managed my thoughts and emotions in a more productive manner."

Her business www.melodywoolford.com was born from these struggles and realizations and today she is on a mission to help purpose-driven and social impact professionals create a fulfilling work-life balance while increasing their impact in the world.

Melody's next 8-week Mental Fitness group coaching program starts on 9/28 with one on one coaching where you aren't just learning new tools, you're practicing them daily to help create new neural pathways in your brain that serve you. To sign up for her program or to learn more about Melody and her "from stress to success" life coaching business check out her links below:



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