HERStory: Sonia

Occupation: Influencer; Style Beyond Age blog

Tell us a little about your business:

“My joy is in helping women stay in touch with their Power by showing them timeless style with a contemporary edge ( and a sense of humor ) to be ageless is to stay relevant.”

What is your business/work or personal philosophy?

“Competition is a myth. A rising tide lifts all ships.”

What makes you feel like a powerful woman?

“Being fit. Using my voice and being productive”

Fill in the blank: I want my clothes to make me feel ______.


Who are your top badass female role models?

“Amelia Earhart- guts. Oprah Winfrey- vision. My mother- style”

What is your favorite tux couture piece and why?

“The Illana Jacket. It is the most flexible for an edited wardrobe.”

How has Tux Couture helped you overcome issues within your closet?

“I can’t wait to pack mine for Dallas. I am taking a very European style edited down group of clothes and it’s the festive season! I can’t wait to stretch my mind and closet with the creativity Tux Couture will allow.”

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