HERStory: Liza


Occupation: Marketer, Storyteller, Mom

Tell me a little about your business: 

“I create content for social media posts, blogs, websites, etc. and manage social media accounts for small businesses. I also run a little Instagram page called @stylishmama.”

What is your business/work or personal philosophy?

“Venture out of your comfort zone whenever possible. If an opportunity presents itself that speaks to me, I always say "YES." Worst case scenario, if it ends up not being entirely for me, I can guarantee I at least grew / learned from it. “

What makes you feel like a powerful woman?

“When my kids watch me succeed. It's important to me that my son and my daughters watch me follow my passions and build something on my own while I embrace all of it; struggles and all.”

Fill in the blank: I want my clothes to make me feel _______________.


Who are your top badass female role models?

“My Mom: Her life got turned upside down about 11 years ago and I got to watch her discover her strength. Through the unexpected, she learned how tough she is and what she's capable of accomplishing. I also admire Ellen DeGeneres for being true to herself, for all of her achievements despite adversity, and for her giving spirit. I think Tina Fey is pretty badass and admirable, too.”

What is your favorite tux couture piece and why? 

“The Sophia reversible vest. I don't mind showing off my arms! I love to rock climb and play tennis, so my arms are pretty strong and I feel confident about them. The Sophia Reversible Vest is classy and sexy.”

How has Tux Couture helped you overcome issues within your closet?

“I love the blend of simplicity and sophistication. I've recently been on a mission to declutter our home ... I'm so sick of having so much of everything, clothes included. I truly appreciate having a few classic, beautiful pieces that I can mix and match in my wardrobe.”

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