HERStory: Sarah

Occupation: Development Coordinator in the TV industry

What is your business/work or personal philosophy?

"Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do!"

What makes you feel like a powerful woman?

“I feel like a powerful woman when I feel confident and put-together.”

Fill in the blank: I want my clothes to make me feel ______.

“I want my clothes to make me feel professional and powerful!”
Who are your top badass female role models?

“My top badass female role models are my mom, Amy Poehler, Carrie Fisher, and Terri Irwin (I couldn't narrow it down!). Four badass women who created their own entirely unique paths in the world, driven by passion.”

What is your favorite tux couture piece and why? 

“I love the Sophia vest! It feels both "feminine" and "masculine" at the same time, and I like both looks. It also can work with multiple outfits!”

How has Tux Couture helped you overcome issues within your closet?

“I was looking for the perfect tux for a long time, and now I have it!”

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