Women to Watch: Tosca


 Frustrated with your career? Looking to upgrade your personal brand? 

Tosca DiMatteo supports professionals in reigniting their fire and redefining their career trajectory. She works with her clients to find out what might be holding them back from feeling fulfilled in their career and beyond. 

“We will reveal your superpowers and lay the foundation for your personal branding work of crafting your beautiful, authentic story.” 

Tosca spent over 20 years in the corporate landscape as a brand management executive and navigated her career and personalities through relationship building, delivering results, owning her truth and making many mistakes along the way. She founded her own coaching and consulting business to help individuals and organizations perform at their full potential, by showing them how to embrace our shared humanity and unique gifts.

“I support businesses walking the talk of creating a healthy and inspiring corporate culture and in the post-pandemic world, I will help guide you in integrating new behaviors. My guiding principle is to create an approach that helps all employees feel seen and heard, while being grounded in a sound business foundation. I support you in identifying process vs people issues, and developing plans to reward behaviors that create positive environments.”

For more information about Tosca and her work, visit her site: www.toscadimatteo.com

Thank you for joining me on another Wednesday of celebrating outstanding women entrepreneurs. During these dark times, it’s important for us to shine our light on others. 



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