Women to Watch: Samantha


We have three words for you this week: PAIN. FREE. HEELS. 

Yup, we said it. And who else better to design power heels that don’t hurt than a woman herself? We are pleased to introduce you this “Women to Watch Wednesday” to Samantha Dong, Founder and CEO of Ally Shoes. Samantha teamed up with the best creative minds and podiatric experts to design stylish heels for women after she suffered from a foot injury and couldn’t find heels that didn’t hurt. 

Samantha is passionate about empowering women through fashion and making luxury footwear more accessible for women on the move. With a patent-pending design and inclusive sizing options, Ally Shoes’s mission is to be an “ally” in fashion for all women. Fast Company named Ally Shoes the “most comfortable heels to wear to work” this past year. In addition to being polished, professional, inclusive and pain free, Ally is also a sustainable fashion brand. They disrupt the traditional footwear business model by offering micro-sizing options and carrying less inventory. 

Ally is truly a company after our own hearts on so many levels. 

Once again, let's hear it for solution-oriented women who are taking over the world! It is our sincere pleasure to draw your attention to these wonderful women. 

Take care of each other,

Yansi Fugel 

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