This week I am excited to introduce you to a self proclaimed “solopreneur” who has already accomplished an astonishing amount in her lifetime beginning at the young age of 21. Saleema Vellani is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and the author of Innovation Starts With “I”. 

Saleema started her entrepreneurship by co-founding a language school in Brazil and transitioned to financing an orphanage, then launching and leading an online translation agency to help companies of all sizes expand their digital presence globally. She has co-founded 7 ventures to date, 2 of which were acquired in 2012.After teaching Entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins University and working closely with entrepreneurs globally over the past several years, she committed to writing a book to share her story while teaching entrepreneurs the skills they need in order to increase their influence and amplify their impact in today's noisy, competitive world.Her book, Innovation Starts With I, blends advice, tools, and insights from 100+ leaders and entrepreneurs, including Steve Bank, Creator of the Customer Development Model, and Alex Osterwalder, Creator of the Business Model Canvas, and the founder of Ellevate, Kristy Wallace and many other trailblazing women. 

To support her self-publishing journey, you can pre-order Saleema's book on Indiegogo.
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