Women to Watch: Rhonda


Dear Fearless Females,

Have you been searching for the perfect white shirt? Look no further. This week, we are pleased to introduce you to Rhonda Cole. 

As a frequent business traveller, Rhonda discovered the simplicity and ease of incorporating white shirts into her wardrobe while working as a managing director in advertising for a major New York City newspaper.

“Dressing in white shirts eliminated the stress and time of packing and more importantly, I felt confident, looked professional and stylish.” 

Spending over two decades in media, she resigned from her job to devote herself to developing a business designing white tops for women in 2014. Without formal training in the business of fashion, she spent a few years learning to navigate the industry and the New York City Garment District.  She found it extremely challenging, but undeterred, she designed and produced her first collection in 2016.

Subtle sophistication and clean lines with a contemporary feel are elements that best define her collection. Designed with natural fabrics and primarily made in New York City, they’re timeless in their beauty.  As part of the slow fashion movement, Rhonda creates classic garments for the lifestyle of today’s modern women. The founder draws from her personal style of less is more into her designs. 

“White shirts come in many different styles and fabrications but I prefer working with natural fabrics because they’re sustainable and can feel luxurious.” 

In this day and age of excess, she believes that simplifying our wardrobes and making fewer, more thoughtful purchases can be liberating and have a lasting impact on the environment. 

“Every women’s wardrobe should include at least one beautifully constructed white cotton shirt.”

To view the collection, please visit: https://rhondacole.com.

Thanks for joining us for another Wednesday celebrating “Women Worth Watching”! 

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