Women to Watch: Latrice


Private Image Consultant

You only have 7 seconds to make a killer first impression.

Latrice is a certified image consultant and fashion stylist for women entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and public figures, helping them to creatively manifest their internal power and personality externally.

“Many extraordinary women often forget that how they show up and look truly, unfortunately, matters greatly to their career. I empower them to cultivate visually appealing images that allow them to audaciously stand in their power so they can attract the right opportunities and increase their bottom lines. I believe everyone has value and I help show that value through your image.”

With a keen eye for knowing what worked and what didn’t for different body types, her passion for style began from a very young age. Having spent the past decade in Human Resources, she has seen how impactful the right image is on a person’s presentation, presence, and the impression they leave behind. In particular, for women, the right image sets them apart and commands respect.

Please reach out to Latrice at hello@latricemonique.net

or visit her webiste: www.latricemonique.net.

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Through introspective image programs and services such as wardrobe curation, personal style development, shopping, and color, she will ensure your external visual message reflects your internal essence. Allowing you to dynamically show-up in the world for yourself and for your biggest moments, all to position you to attract the most promising opportunities and achieve greater levels of success.

Thank you for joining me for another Women to Watch! As women, we are drawn to do good work in service to others. May we always continue to use our power for good and to uplift each other.



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