Woman to Watch® Eugena Delman

Eugena came up with her business idea when she realized how broken online shopping was for most women, including herself.

Annoyed with products that never lived up to the fantasy of product photography and tired of fast fashion, she also realized that there was an entire universe of amazing designers making beautiful products who were yet to be discovered. Out of the desire to support small businesses and becoming tired of online shopping fails, Revvie was born.

Two lifelong friends, combined their expertise in finance, fashion and technology to launch their resource for a carefully curated collection of incredible designers who cultivate craftsmanship while leaving the smallest footprint possible. Many of the designers manufacture locally in America using small-batch manufacturing methods. Others employ highly specialized factories in Europe or Latin America for the best quality product. 


"Fashion with a story, designers with a purpose"

We are super excited to be featured among some incredibly talented designers on Revvie. To learn more about Eugena and her company check out their social media channels below.


Our mission is to channel the confidence of women, making a worldwide power-shift, one tux at a time. We redefine what it means to wear the pants.