Women to Watch: Casey and Julie



Dear Fearless Females,

In case you’re not keeping track (trust me, we’re not judging), it’s WEDNESDAY … which means it’s time to introduce you to this week’s WOMEN TO WATCH. 

Casey Erin Clark and Julie Fogh are the Co-founders of Vital Voice Training. At Vital Voice, these BOSS LADIES help their clients understand what’s going on in their bodies as they speak. 

Fellow actors and experienced communication and speaking coaches, Casey and Julie met in 2013 and immediately hit it off. Both Casey and Julie were passionate about the human voice and increasingly frustrated with a gap they saw in the speech coaching industry--in addition to being very male-centric, it seemed to thrive on the idea that there is one path to "good communication": put on your take-me-seriously voice, do the "right" hand gestures, etc … They were wholly uninterested in teaching people how to put on a costume of authority and match some external idea of how to sound, and agreed that nuance, agency, intention, and honoring the individual's strengths were the key to unlocking an individual's full vocal range and powerful presence.

Casey and Julie created Vital Voice Training to challenge a society that only values those voices that fit the mythical norm. Since its founding in 2014, Vital Voice Training has coached hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries to uncover their voices, as well as organizations from tech, marketing, law, education, science, and more to create healthier, more inclusive communication cultures. 

What makes Vital Voice Training different from other public speaking or speech coaching companies?  

“Our years of training as both actors and voice and speech coaches give us a deep knowledge of your voice and body as a physical, mental, and emotional instrument.  Theater is a training ground for action - stepping into the spotlight with bravery, releasing perfectionism to give a present performance (instead of a boring "perfect" performance - theater people know there's no such thing), and living through connected communication with your scene partners and with your audience.  Our coaching toolbox is varied, dynamic, and fun. Within one session, we may have you rapping to the Hamilton cast album or singing karaoke with Prince, improvising a conversation with your boss or direct reports, reading Shakespeare or Bust magazine out loud, or making sounds you've never heard come from your throat before - all with an ultimate eye (and ear) on your specific communication goals.  No two clients and no two lessons are exactly the same.”

Casey & Julie’s Mission: We want to change the world - by teaching a deeper, freer, more dynamic understanding of what effective communication looks like. 

“When we understand how communication really works and have access to our voices, we can start to change how we talk to each other, how we really listen, and how we collaborate to make the world a better place.”

Learn more about Vital Voice Training and Julie and Casey on their website: vitalvoicetraining.com. They even offer free 15 minute consultations on their site! 

Follow them on Twitter (@vital_voice) and Instagram (@vitalvoicetraining).

Enjoy the rest of your week and Labor Day Weekend! It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end. 



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