Woman to Watch® Ana Goldseker

Ana Goldseker was born in Argentina and grew up drinking a traditional tea called “Yerba Mate” which is often centered around a social, ritualistic moment with the intent of being present in the moment and connecting people. In Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chili and parts of Brazil, Yerba is present in nearly every home – It is a big part of the social culture.

After spending 15 years as a plant-based nutritional counselor, Ana decided she wanted her message to be more impactful and to help her clients to truly heal themselves instead of endure a basic restrictive diet. 

As a Director of Nutrition for multiple wellness centers, and an advocate of teaching the health benefits of plant-based diets, Ana studied Yerba to learn all about its beneficial nutrients. Here in the US, Yerba Mate is commercialized and often sold in cans with high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additives. She felt compelled to bring all natural Yerba to the US so she founded SoulMate Yerba co to educate everyone on its powerful message.

Yerba is a "superfood," with many health benefits such as being an anti-inflammatory and prebiotic. Yerba from SoulMate Yerba Co. is made from all natural ingredients that are sourced from Argentina, India and Japan.

Some of the health benefits from Yerba include:
-reduces appetite
-great substitute for coffee (caffeine without jitters)
-helps reduce cigarette use (hand/mouth feel)
-Research shows it reduces weight around middle
-Research shows it reduces size of fat cells
-Reduces constipation


Visit Ana's website, Instagram or Facebook to learn more about her all natural Yerba Mate and products such as canisters, cups and gourds.

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