HERStory: Sade

Occupation: Founder of Conversations Beyond

Tell me a little about your business: 

“I am the creator of Conversations Beyond, a digital and offline platform where faith + fashion are combined to inspire women and create safe spaces for conversations and growth. I use my bold faith to challenge women to push past their fears and live a life of purpose. I do this through online content via social media, my blog, and weekly devotionals as well as offline through my signature events: Talk and Tea and Purpose PushHer.”

Do you have a personal philosophy or words to live by?

“Live Fearlessly!”

What makes you feel like a powerful woman?

“I feel most powerful when I challenge myself to think and dream bigger.”

Fill in the blank. I want my clothes to make me feel ________.


Who are your top 3 badass female role models and why?

“I am inspired by Oprah’s resilience, Yvonne Orji’s discipline, and Christine Caine’s boldness.”

What is your favorite tux-couture piece?

“Illana Shawl Collar Jacket”

Why did you pick that piece? Tell us more.

“Great apparel begins with a great concept, amazing fit & fabric, and a strong attention to detail. The Illana Shawl Jacket with Silk Lining is just that!”

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