HERStory: Jordan

SheWolf, Entrepreneur, Dog-Mom, Fashion-Addict, Whiskey-Lover

Occupation: "Founder + Chief Innovation Officer of BrandBoss Creative.

Co-Founder + Alpha of SheWolf Collaborative."

Tell me a little about your business: 

"BrandBoss Creative: WE BUILD BRANDS. We specialize in BRAND STRATEGY, DESIGN, MARKETING COLLATERAL, AND ART DIRECTION. Our first-thing-first approach always starts with you - discovering your authentic brand identity, and creating a thorough, data-based, tangible guideline from which brilliant marketing is born.

SheWolf Collaborative: We are a full-service marketing agency made up of women who own their own marketing businesses in different specialties. We come together to execute projects we are excited about. WE ARE DESIGNERS, MARKETERS,

What is your business/work or personal philosophy?

"'Sometimes all you need Is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally 20 seconds  of just embarrassing bravery and I promise you something great will come of it.' - We Bought a Zoo"

What makes you feel like a powerful woman?

"It's all in the little things, they add up and make me feel fierce. I feel powerful when I am able to lift weights, when I tackle something new in my business and it proves it's worth, when I can fit in those skinny jeans, when I have cute underwear on, when I am in a business pitch, when I assert my boundaries, and even when I treat myself...because I can."

Fill in the blank: I want my clothes to make me feel _______________.

"unafraid to be an individual."

Who are your top three badass female role models?

"Meryl Streep ( I mean, c'mon - who doesn't love Meryl )

Sallie Krawcheck, she's basically my #BHAG

My mom."

What is your favorite tux couture piece and why? 

"So I had the ILLANA SHAWL COLLAR JACKET customized with my SILK red LINING and my custom message on the inside left breast, "You GOT this."

There's something super versatile about a blazer, but this tux jacket brings a whole new list of options. I wear it with my ripped t-shirts and ripped jeans, some red heels. I wear it to formal events, I wear it to presentations, and I wear it especially when I need an extra boost. My custom embroidered message is on the inside, but I know it's there, and when I got to button or unbutton the jacket, I always take a peek, smile to myself, and feel like I can conquer the world. "

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