HERStory: Erica


Tell us a little about your business:

“The company that I founded, Step and Connect, is a balance company striving to change the way the world thinks about balance! Young, old, athlete, and non-athlete – we all have one connection: the desire to optimize performance and decrease risk for injury. Good balance is the key. The mission of Step and Connect is to optimize mobility and balance for people of all ages and abilities through education, involvement, and empowerment. I invented the multi-sensory balance and gait trainer, Balance Matters®, and wrote the children’s book How do you Balance Like That? as tools to educate and involve individuals in optimizing how people balance and move. Step and Connect also offers podcasts, continuing educational courses for clinicians, speaks on balance to support groups and conferences, program development and private PT consultations, and teaches specialized community group exercise classes for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.”

What is your business/work or personal philosophy?

“It’s ok to be uncomfortable - it’s how you grow and learn. Put yourself out there if you are passionate and believe in something and always remember why you are doing it in the first place to help propel you forward!”

What makes you feel like a powerful woman?

“Having a positive impact on the world, inspiring, creating and connecting with others.”

Fill in the blank: I want my clothes to make me feel ______.

“Confident and strong.”

Who are your top badass female role models?

“It’s hard to limit my role models to only three. I have a new admiration for women who left their comfort zone to create and start something they believed in and, more importantly, follow through despite doubt, insecurity, and the uncomfortable. It is easy to admire someone who has succeeded, but I admire the path to get there and not giving up when it’s tough. I hope my daughters can continue to see positive female role models that are following their passion, creating, inventing and leaving a positive impact on another’s life, their community and the world.”

What is your favorite tux couture piece and why? 

“The Illana Jacket because I love its versatility. You can wear it to work (like I did, speaking at a conference) but also out at night. I love how comfortable it is, which is important to me as a physical therapist - I need to feel comfortable when demonstrating movements, balance and my product.”

How has Tux Couture helped you overcome issues within your closet?

“It’s so wonderful to have classic and sophisticated pieces that you can wear at a meeting or conference but also dress down and wear at night. The pieces also are easy to travel with – all you really need is a few great staples that you can mix and match for various events.”

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