Rebecca Jarrett

Women to Watch: Rebecca

Being a black student-athlete at a Predominately White Institution, like the University of Virginia, can be difficult — especially in a time like t...

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Tosca Dimatteo

Women to Watch: Tosca

Tosca spent over 20 years in the corporate landscape as a brand management executive and navigated her career and personalities through relationshi...

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Lucine Almas

Women to Watch: Lucine

Lucine Almas started her company in 2015 in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris. She wanted to create a unique collection which would protec...

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Cathy Zahn

Women to Watch: Cathy

Cathy Zahn is a force who believes that talent is everywhere; opportunity is not. She read the book Half the Sky by N. Kristof and felt compelled t...

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Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine

Women to Watch: Elizabeth

Frustrated by the industry and determined to gain control of her life, career and passion, Elizabeth decided in 2018 that she “didn’t want to wait ...

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Go Dash Dot

Women to Watch: Hannah

Hannah Fastov started Go Dash Dot when she realized there weren’t any multi-functional yet chic bags for the “woman on the go.” 

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Daniela Musano

Women to Watch: Daniela

Daniela’s incredible work ethic combined with her genuine passion for helping, pampering and healing others has helped her build - and grow - a bea...

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Samantha Dong

Women to Watch: Samantha

Samantha is passionate about empowering women through fashion and making luxury footwear more accessible for women on the move. With a patent-pendi...

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Audrey Zona

Women to Watch: Audrey

Audrey Zona started her business, Zo Healthy, 5 years ago. A local functional medicine doctor asked Audrey to help him coach his patients, and with...

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Sonsoles Gonzales

Women to Watch: Sonsoles

Today marks the beginning of our WOMEN TO WATCH WEDNESDAY and it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to a line of hair care products that I’ve ...

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Yansi Fugel Designer

Women to Watch Wednesday

Tux Couture is a women-owned and operated business, and we have always prided ourselves in empowering ALL WOMEN with our clothing and our message. 

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Marta Wöhrle

Women to Watch: Marta

Marta Wöhrle is an entrepreneur and business builder with more than 20 years experience as a digital media strategist, online community builder, ec...

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