Maysoun Assaf

Women to Watch: Maysoun

Lavande Gifts is an artisan gift box site that uses natural, hand-crafted items made by small businesses and artisans. The products are safe, clean...

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Rhonda Cole

Women to Watch: Rhonda

As a frequent business traveller, Rhonda discovered the simplicity and ease of incorporating white shirts into her wardrobe while working as a mana...

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Eli Walker

Women to Watch: Eli

Eli Walker grew up in rural Wisconsin and set flight for Manhattan to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She graduated with a p...

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Anya Ranganathan

Women to Watch: Anya

Anya is the co-founder of Bad Apple Produce, a produce delivery service with a mission to reduce food waste and hunger in the NYC metro area. Bad A...

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Angie Shaghaghi

Women to Watch: Angie

Angie Shaghaghi grew up in Florida, working with fresh ingredients around the family kitchen, which inspired her love of creating traditional famil...

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Cathy Lee

Women to Watch: Cathy

Cathy Lee spent a decade in corporate fashion and was discouraged by the production of “countless garments season after season according to a gruel...

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Tracy Byrnes

Women to Watch: Tracy

Tracy, whose mission is to empower and encourage women to get more involved in their financial lives, left a 20-year career in financial media to d...

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Yelitsa Jean-Charles

Women to Watch: Yelitsa

”I am a mission to make sure no one feels less than because of the kink of their curl or the color of their skin. I want to make sure all girls lov...

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Michelle Norwood

Women to Watch: Michelle

At Michelle Norwood Events, we believe that planning should be a truly enjoyable experience. It should be fun, transparent, and celebratory because...

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Latrice Cole

Women to Watch: Latrice

Latrice is a certified image consultant and fashion stylist for women entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and public figures, helping them to cr...

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Denise Jarrett

Women to Watch: Denise

Denise is a passionate business owner with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Born and raised in London England, she studied business management at S...

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