Women to Watch: Rebecca


National Team Player, Student-Athlete, & Graphic Designer

Rebecca is a twenty-year old soccer player at the University of Virginia and a member of the United States U-20 Women’s National team. As a high-level, competitive athlete, she has pushed herself to her physical limits to win. She knows what hard work is, what countless exhausting hours of practice feels like, and she knows how devastating it can be to put in your max effort, and still lose.

But, above all, she has earned herself a platform from which she can make change. Being a Division One athlete grants you a certain level of visibility that many other twnety-year-olds are not afforded. With this, Rebecca has recently harnessed her passion for design and love for writing to host fundraisers and speak out on her experiences as a Black woman in Ameirca.

Last April, Rebecca started her small design company, @BeccaJarr_Designs. She designed a few college t-shirts and sweatshirts for tailgates. In just a few days her small Instagram account grew into a massive success. After selling out multiple times, she stopped to reflect on what she really wanted to do with this growing company.

A year later, when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, she realized how she wanted to use this company. Rebecca decided to make t-shirts that promote social distancing with cute expressions like “homebody club” and “AT HOME” inspired by designers such as Hermes and OFF-WHITE.

From this initial round of 30 t-shirts, she sold out in days and was able to donate $600 to Feeding America’s COVID-19 relief efforts! Rebecca also did a second round of shirts, selling out once more, and hosted a fundraiser she called “BJD Bingo” to raise even more money for the cause.

Through this love of graphic design, she has also been able to help organizations she is a part of speak out on the racial injustices currently plaguing America.

Being a black student-athlete at a Predominately White Institution, like the University of Virginia, can be difficult — especially in a time like this. However, instead of hiding from these challenges, Rebecca is doing whatever she can to speak her truth, lift up the voices of her peers, and use her platform to make the world a better place, one Instagram post at a time.

Thank you for joining me for another Women to Watch! As women, we are nurturers and problem solvers. May we always continue to use our power for good and to uplift each other.



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